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Every day VistaSG proudly serves our clients by helping them preserve history for the institutions and the citizens they serve. We do this by digitizing their file records, storing them securely, then making them accessible for efficient use with our trusted dms3, netDMS and integrated case management solutions. We are passionate about supporting our clients in this mission because we know that their citizens expect "taxpayer" documents to be accessible, protected as well as preserved. Many of these city and county files, documents, records and books date back to their founding in the early 1800's! And they are absolutely irreplaceable. Sadly, many of these still reside in unsecured file cabinets, or are scattered around a file room. Worse, they often lay neglected in a costly storage facility that burdens budgets and are at the expense of the citizens. This "old fashioned way" is expensive, wasteful and does little or nothing to reduce the risk of loss or destruction.

The good news is digitizing documents with VistaSG is a fraction of the cost of storing them the "old fashioned way." Cities and counties who have digitized, replicated, or restored their books and records will testify to how much less expensive it will be in the long run to manage, store and retrieve those since it can all be done "click of a button..." Contact us today and let VistaSG provide you with an affordable, efficient and effective way to preserve your institution's history for future generations to come.

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