Let VistaSG's Managed IT Services Secure Your Network and Data

really enjoy going to see clients and prospects. It is always a humbling, but also a welcome adventure for me to "tag along" with staff. Afterwards, I am reminded to never assume. After visiting client and prospect locations, I came to the realization that there is no consistent understanding with what value managing their IT systems truly provides to them.

I have now seen larger, more active agencies where it would seem imperative to have someone manage their IT systems, there is no one protecting the data. Then, smaller more remote agencies have a dedicated staff member keeping the network running smoothly and safe. Most often what I see is a "volunteer" or a volunteered person on staff watching over the technology.

Still over the years it is more common that organizations need someone, but do not have an adequate solution. Threats are more becoming realities with viruses. The "blue screen of death" holds your system hostage until you pay $200 or more to unlock a workstation alone. Most of us at VistaSG have now witnessed what natural disasters do to antiquated file rooms and storage facilities.

Without someone monitoring your network, hardware and data backup schedules your files, records and the history of your institution is at risk of loss. That risk is increasing. Period. These are matters that do require the constant attention of a reliable IT professional. The cost remains so fractional in comparison to the loss, I am still baffled why this is not a priority to all who serve the public.

Then again, that is why we are here to help. VistaSG has simplified this service for you. Our Managed IT Services provide you all the benefits and peace of mind that come with a full IT department. However, they are at a fraction of the cost of hiring another outside resource. With our Managed IT Services, you get a full Back Up Services suite, which will ensure your records are secured from these threats and realities. Plus you will get a full evaluation of your systems and a plan to help them run better, last longer, and stay better protected.

Let us help you preserve one of the biggest assets in your agency, its history!

Michael J Hundley

CEO - Vista Solutions Group

"We make your work life easier."

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