Paper Files Waste Billions. Try Document Management Solutions!

I read a study recently, produced by Xerox Corp, evidencing how paper-based filing systems cost $460 billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone. Factored in that amount includes finding misplaced files, distributing them and even going back and forth between file rooms or offsite storage rooms. What it does not include is the cost of paper, file supplies, ink, hardware, cabinets and storage space. The numbers add up quickly.

More compelling is, stating that one paper file cabinet costs $25,000 to fill over time if you add in the labor and supplies required to use them. That same file cabinet requires another $2,000 year to maintain. Despite these exorbitant costs, some still keep paper files. This begs the question, "why is it still done this way?" The answer is simply "change," or the reluctance do something differently. The better question to answer is:

How much money is wasted each year not using digital document management solutions and central file location systems?

The answer is it costs exponentially more to keep files in paper than it does to digitize. Add in the risk of loss with paper files and it becomes even more costly. In contrast, VistaSG's document management and electronic file cabinet system with back up services is very affordable to implement and maintain. That is for certain.

Let our team at VistaSG install dms3 for you and create the central digital file storage and retrieval system you need. We provide affordable Back Scanning Services so you can be more efficient with your digital information, and our Backup Protection will nearly eliminate the risk of unexpected loss. Let the great staff at VistaSG help you take the first step towards preserving history for the citizens you serve.

Contact us today and let us make your work life easier. You'll be glad you did!

Michael J. Hundley

Chief Executive Officer

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