Why choose a cloud backup solution from VistaSG?

Not too long ago, we read about a Texas agency that lost a tremendous amount of history due to their files being burned. Shortly after that, another agency in Texas lost their records to a flood. In today's world, the "old fashioned" standard of paper filing is risky, even reckless when compared to the availability of imaging at such reasonable prices.

Still, even if your files are stored digitally they are not completely secured until you back them up. Recently, a VistaSG client's server crashed, wiping out the records and files it contained. Fortunately, they were using our BACKUP Protection Service and in minutes recovered all of what would have been otherwise gone.

Storing your files electronically and using our cloud backup solution is a great way to protect and preserve history for the citizens you serve. However, we always recommend you use our BACKUP Protection Service or have those files backed up somehow, someway!

Ask your VistaSG representative about how combining dms3 with our BACKUP Protection Services can inexpensively eliminate your risk of loss. Our services will ensure that regardless of what acts of God or man may occur, your citizens files and records will be accessible and protected.

Let us make your work life easier.

Michael J. Hundley

Chief Executive Officer

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