Document Management Solutions - trends of the year!

Companies all over the world have started to switch to a non-paper environment, embracing the digital era and all its benefits. Among all the changes, document management has evolved as well, becoming more streamlined, increasing thus all the critical business processes and operations.

Let’s see exactly what document management has to offer, and what are the trends it will follow during the next couple of years:

First, we have the cloud. As everyone knows by now, cloud computing has changed everything surrounding us. From our day-to-day activities, such as shopping, jogging, up to the way we work and run our businesses, the cloud has marked them all. In document management, cloud plays a particular role, since it delivers ease of access, efficiency, and reduced costs, all in one package.

Second, we have social media, which is ruling the world nowadays. Because of the strong communication and collaboration capabilities that social media is delivering, it had to be integrated into document management systems as well. Among all the improvements that his integration brings, we can also find mobility, which is probably one of the most important as well.

Then we have project management and workflow which is quickly becoming an important division in document management. We are using multiple software programs, each and one of them design for a particular action. We have scheduling software, workflow tools, DMS and many others. However, thanks to social intranet software, we have all of the above in one single place.

You can read more document management trends on the original article, here

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