Four data protection tips for your business

Cloud Computing is an agile environment which streamlines the overall processes, delivering companies the competitive advantage each business needs. However, there is still a significant challenge that companies that are adopting the cloud, need to overcome, and that’s security.

During the last couple of years, security has been the number one priority for every business owner, and that’s only natural. We all know the damages data loses can bring to our business, whether we are talking about the financial or reputational ones. So, we thought to share with you a short list of data protection tips, that can help you in your transition journey.

• Backup your data – This is probably one of the most critical processes that one should conduct regularly. You will find this very helpful if, let’s say, your company suffers a data breach or becomes the victim of a ransomware attack.

• Encrypt your data – In case of a cyber-attack, having your files encrypted will make them useless, as hackers will not be able to use that information against your business.

• Protect your computer with anti-malware software – Malware has been one of the leading causes of the latest attacks, so being cautious and doing everything you can to avoid it, is a smart move.

• Automate your software updates – By now, everybody should be aware of the important role updates are playing in business continuity. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to remember to update your software but rather to automate the process. I am sure that there might be occasions when you could overlook or simply forget to do it, so it’s better to not even think about it. You can do that through automation.

Bottom line, it’s essential to understand the risks our businesses are exposed to and make sure we are using all our knowledge and capabilities to keep it safe.

If you are interested in more data protection tips, you can read the original article here

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