Paper to Digital, “Whack-A-Mole?”

A letter from the CEO

Although more and more departments are scanning to store documents, we still hear from time to time that the biggest pro to paper filing is that it can be started practically for free (hmmm?), that it’s easy to set up, takes little to learn it, and it is tangible. “This is my peace of mind,” someone said to me recently. Of course, they go on to say, “all that simplicity, touchy-feely, disappears when I can’t find a document in the storage space we are running out of....” They’ll tell the story about a “eureka moment” when they decided to try document management on their own; “heck, we had a computer, a scanner and Microsoft Office...what else does anyone need to go paperless?”

Despite all our best efforts to keep up with a tech-driven society, there is still paper going around and a lot of it. Of all the many reasons, including not having a budget, our customers tell us that it really came down to “fear of change” being the hardest reason. Why change to a document management system when we already have Adobe pdf, especially if it may be just a couple pages a day or week? For others it means LOTS of scanning ahead when they already have a system “they created themselves.” Whatever the case, going digital was the right way to go, according to our customers. That recent client told me her “eureka moment” went away when common mistakes were seen over and over with all their Microsoft Word and Adobe pdf records, paper but yes electronic too: Putting something in the wrong file due to mislabeling it.... Indexing and Workflow Errors!

Vista Solutions Group dms3 solutions solves all those problems with ease and affordability. Change has never, ever been easier. Period! Indexing is configured to a person, department, and\or organization specifications, and workflow automation is determined by your rules and mission for documents. Meaning, electronic records and files will NOT get mislabeled, lost or misplaced. And even if you make a “typo” our OCR solutions help you retrieve what you are looking for quickly. Our dms3 system is the simplest to learn, train and use. Plus, it is the most robust and affordable document management-workflow automation tool on the market today. Now that’s EUREKA!

Ask our many customers and they’ll tell you we are here to work with you to make your work life better. After all, Solutions is our middle name but our top priority!

Check out the dms3 slick for more information

Michael Hundley

CEO 512.986.7650 x 212

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