Prepare Your Business for the Christmas Holidays

The holiday season has started, and everybody is preparing for the “big party”, which is New Year’s Eve. However, even if we are all caught up in the holiday frenzy, I thought to write an article about security, which is a topic we shouldn’t forget. I am sure you all know just how important safety is for any business, regardless of the size, industry or location. By now, with all the cyber-attacks that happened during the last couple of years, we all know at least some of the best practices on keeping our businesses safe. However, what’s more, important than having your software regularly updated, or installing cybersecurity measures, the most important is to be aware of the threats out there. That’s why, when I stumbled upon this article, I thought that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for you. I want to summarize for you some of the cybersecurity trends for the year to come, and also some tips on how to keep your business out of trouble.

The “zero-trust” model comes back. This is a relatively old approach used by the IT department to try and reduce the cyber threats. They managed to do this by merely restraining people from using third-party devices. This strategy is slowly coming to the surface again.

Behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence enhancing security. In the age of AI, it is only natural to use it for higher ends, which is security. Deep Learning is a machine algorithm that enables devices to learn by themselves. This will take security to a whole new level.

Bottom line, the next year will bring a wind of change in how we can use high-end technologies to keep our business secure.

Read the original article and discover more insightful trends for the year to come.

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