Back-up Protection: Nothing can Stop you Now!

A memorandum from the CEO

No matter what jobs we have at work, we are helping to improve our agencies. In some cases, we are building a legacy. In others, we are creating legends. There will be a next person(s) after us. So, our work being done properly is a matter of skill, expertise, and pride; as it should be. But what if all that work was to disappear or be destroyed?

An interesting guest speaker from IT security "hit a nerve" with his audience during a Q&A session last week. Responses included, "Mistakes happen, but hey that's why they got us, right?" Another brushed off the notion of an internal sabotage by saying, "We know everyone here so that would never happen to us!" One was regarding natural disasters, and this is my favorite from a participant from southern Louisiana: "That didn't really affect us. We lost some and it's not that often." SHOCKED comes to mind. Oh boy...just wow!?

Reasonable people believe that line of thinking above is in direct contrast to the realities and the cost associated with lost, destroyed or stolen files. A recent AIIM bulletin published that a 'mislabeled paper file cost over $100 dollars' to locate. Destroyed paper files cost 'over $700 to replace' if lost or destroyed. Now if that were taken from those same people's paychecks each time it happened, I think their perspective and their answers would be completely different.

It is true that mistakes with paper and even digital filing do happen. There are solutions, and we have them. Our ECM system dms3 with OCR is one of them! First, you determine the indexing fields because dms3 is extremely agile. Then with the OCR feature, even a typo can't ruin your day. As far as destruction due to weather, or sabotage, that also happens with paper and digital. There are solutions and we have them. Our ECM system, dms3 with OCR and adding a BPM like Back-Up Protection insures you can always find the work you did, even if weather, sabotage, or hackers sending viruses try to slow you down!

Let us solve these problems! After all, solutions is our middle name but our first priority!

Check out the backup slick for more information

Michael Hundley


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