OCR: Where art thou VistaSG?

A memorandum from the CEO

Optical Character Recognition, OCR, seems the newest craze. There is good reason to be excited. I researched this seemingly "new" technology. As it turns out, it's actually not so new. In fact, its' roots date back to early 1900 where it converted characters into telegraphy; a tool to help the blind. Today it does much more. Document search, auto-redactions or populating index fields, and software training itself can be done without even touching a keyboard.

So, "where art thou VistaSG with OCR?" Thou art already have it in dms3! That's where! dms3 not only has OCR, but it is also highly configurable to perform whatever the mission is for any department. Stand alone or integrated with other systems, your agency can do all that great OCR "stuff" but at a fraction of your current cost. dms3 done your way makes it the easiest to use, most effective enterprise content management system on the market today.

Replace your current system with dms3 and experience all these benefits in an instant. If you're not convinced, reach out to me directly. Or, call any of our terrific VistaSG representatives and ask them to show you how we can put more power at your fingertips, at a better price, and with a better product than what you have now. Guaranteed!

After all, we are here to make your work life easier!

Michael Hundley



512.986.7650 x 212 direct extention


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