Why should you use a Document Management Solution?

Why digitize your records and files with dms3?

A question often heard from county and city staff and elected officials. Simply stated, dms3 preserves history. It also reduces cost, increases fee revenue, and frankly the citizens expect it to happen. Think about it... Paper files get lost, stolen, rot, even destroyed; mostly unintentionally, though a recent case in Texas proved it may sometimes be intentional. Beyond that reality, your agency is paying for space that is likely offsite. This is costly, and in today’s digital world is unnecessary. Add in the pain that files and records are not readily accessible or in order and altogether this is about as inefficient as it gets.

By simply using dms3, you immediately eliminate wasteful storage space, filing and retrieving is “click of a button,” and all of it is automatically backed up on a small drive as well as in the cloud. To boot, your citizens can access records using the web or a local computer, eliminating local staff painstakingly searching. Bottom line is costs are immediately reduced or eliminated and fee revenue is increased. Those savings and increased revenue can be put towards project improvements, helping your city brand and county flourish.

dms3…get it!

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