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Recent natural disasters like the hurricanes that hit Texas, Louisiana and Florida, or the floods in Missouri, and fires in California resulted in ruined homes and destroyed businesses. Fortunately for many, insurance allowed them to move forward. As a victim of a hurricane, I can tell you first-hand how much more devastating an event like this can be. The loss of loved ones being the worst case, but the loss of our history has handed us a personal void forever. Memory will serve many of us well.

For businesses, the loss of history is catastrophic. For government, the loss of records is a breach of fiduciary duty. There is a way to mitigate loss that I wish we had with our collectibles like letters and pictures. Back up your files and records! Unfortunately, several of our valued clients know first-hand how critical backup is in the case of an unanticipated catastrophe. Although hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires may be seasonal, the man-made computer virus is now our biggest threat each and every day.

As of late, many clients have turned to VistaSG for a solutions that we already provide. Our BACK UP Protection Plan is designed to make sure you never have to experience that moment where your heart drops to your stomach. VistaSG can set up our BACK UP Protection Plan in a matter of minutes! We also monitor it and help support your network if you need more service. To find out more about how we can "have your back" call us today and let us help you preserve your history, your business and those we all serve.

Check out the backup slick for more information

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