What is Workflow?

Did you know that dms3 with workflow automation will give you one of the most powerful ECM systems on the market today? It CAN and does already! All we have to know is what are the documents manual workflow processes ("journey of a document") that are currently in place to accomplish department goals in a timely manner.

dms3 with client defined Workflow Automation lends offices speed, accuracy, compliance, and just overall effectiveness. Plus, dms3 is simply unaffected by complexities that often cripple the most effective manual process, such as staffing issues with added workload.

Keep in mind that automation is not about replacing humans. Even automated workflow processes require a human attendant. Gains are made using workflow automation when processes are being performed simultaneously with other tasks humans can do when not tasked with another manual process.

Think about that differently now. When we let automation take care of busy work, the real value of the human element can really shine by doing other meaningful duties. Ask us how we can automate your office more and better.

After all, we are here to make your work life easier!

Michael Hundley



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