4 Simple Ways to Better Protect Against Hackers

Hacker (noun pron: 'hack-er') - a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. Thanks to Snowden enlightening us, we all have been subjects of a breach.Trojans, Worms and Ransomware are inconvenient. However, some breaches are authorized and welcomed by none other than ourselves?

Recently, it's reported that Google (and Facebook) have been tracking our every move. Despite denials, further reports indicate they've been doing it for years. Using 'bots,' algorithms, and information we share on social media, these companies can now predict our next decision.

What are some ways we can protect ourselves? VistaSG's BackUp Protection, or our CyberSecurity Suite will do the trick. But you can use these simple and effective measures to reduce the risk of hacks until you let us help you:

1. Use Common Sense: Whatever you don't want compromised, don't share; especially with one's you don't know. FingerPrint ID and Facial Recognition are cool. But faces and fingerprints are up for grabs too.

2. Create Real Passwords: Stop using 1111 and 'password' as a password. Scenario combinations are effective. For example: 'ibeen@DC2#57!' meaning I've been in DC two times. I was age 5 and 7. It was great!

3. Avoid Opening Emails that Don't Seem Right: Expose the real sender by clicking the email address itself. Perform a search of that underlying email address. Or call the sender from a landline to verify what was sent.

4. Always Sign Out, Close, Unplug: Sign out, off and put away, close screen, even unplug the network cable to your system. Airplane Mode itself is not enough. Diligence is part of prevention.

Still, call a VistaSG associate to help you set up the right protections and back ups for your systems, files and records. After all, our job is to make your work life easier...and more safe!

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