The Digital Treasurer's Chest: dms3!

Congratulations to our new Texas County Treasurers that just took office this year! For our seasoned officials, a heartfelt "thank you" for all you continue to do for our great state of Texas, and for us to be a better provider!

Knowing the burden carried as County Treasurer (aka "chief custodian of all county funds"), we will continue to be your partner in that responsibility! And thanks to you, we learned that book-keeping software is not enough, because there is still so much more to keep track of.

"Based on your feedback, our dms3 software continues to improve. So better organizing and assisting you with the safety and accuracy of information that you report in commissioners court is just the beginning!"

Did we mention that our dms3 software has reporting tools built-in? That is just another way to make preparation for commissions court much less stressful! In fact, we can even Digitize your office with dms3, Automate it with our reporting tools, and last but definitely not least, we can Protect your work by backing it up and your entire network to boot! So simplicity, ease and safety is never in question with our solutions.

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