Your Time is Valuable, Why Waste It?!

Prospective customers tell us "unmanageable amounts" of files pile up in their computer, regardless of the amount of time spent organizing them. And time is simply one thing we don't get back.

So don't waste time doing things manually that can be otherwise done automatically. Especially if it's affordable.

Instead, utilize the power of VistaSG's File Import Module for your dms3. It simply imports files from other locations into your dms3. Best of all, errors or duplicates will be eliminated in the process. We can even create an automatic backup for you, protecting all your files and documents.

While today, you may be spending too much time typing, sorting, indexing and scanning to get caught up, tomorrow everything can be done for you, in one place, automatically at the "click of a button!"

Call us today for a free quote and learn more about how VistaSG's dms3 and File Import Module can help you catch up, keep up and stay ahead, securely.

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