Data Leaks from Where?!

September 16, 2019

No matter what size organization, your data is the most critical asset besides you! With your data being abundant, you may be wondering how to even protect all of it.


The phrase "data breach" sounds scary and is! What really causes them though? Most businesses think they only come from the outside. But, internal discrepancies now make up the lion's share of them. 


*According to The Ponemon Institute's 2018: Cost of Insider Threats,

 64% of incidents were a result of "insider negligence".


With so much at stake, the right mix of tools can prevent cyber-attacks, while simultaneously improving your systems performance and staff productivity to boot.




While VistaSG's mission has always been to help you DIGITIZE, AUTOMATE, and PROTECT your data, most clients rely on simple anti-virus as their only tool to prevent attacks. However, using our full suite of affordable tools means protection is from the inside out.


We first recommend using VSG Back-up Pro so your documents are not held up by Ransomware. Also, letting us install PC Matic Pro on your system will better prevent attacks in the first place. Running the VSG Security Audit Tool will find your systems vulnerabilities and suggest fixes to improve system performance. Lastly, using VSG innerView will give you "peace-of-mind" knowing that staff is performing optimally and that you are protected from inside breaches.


Altogether your system, your staff, and your organization will be running at maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and safely.


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