Retain What's Needed. Toss the Rest!

It's year-end cleaning time in preparation for 2020. Like you, we know the importance of being organized and new year ready. Somehow though, getting around to purging documents to meet retention standards is a mental and emotional drain. While impending Audits can be a motivating force, that seems more "cattle prod" than inspirational.

Gone are the days of manually sifting through files to delete. Let our VSG Retention Module inspire you! This affordable tool allows you to set retention parameters inside your dms3. Once done, forever more you will be notified of documents ready to purge. Then, "click of button" you're finished and in compliance. No more worry. No more emotional drain.

This highly configurable add-on can also establish multiple retention policies and schedules all at once. More so, Administrators can modify policies and schedules to stay in compliance, even if rules change.

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