Your Work-Life Just Got Easier!

We often share with you all the features dms3 has to offer, but we also think you need to know the benefits dms3 can have on your work-life. Here are just a few:

Easily Find What You Need

Without a dms system, it can often be difficult to find documents, especially when they are accidentally mislabeled or in the wrong location. With a dms system like dms3, you are saved by universal indexing which helps eliminate misplaced files. Even better, paired with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) you can find documents with keywords, even to the exact location that word is on the page. So say goodbye to spending hours searching, and hello to extra time for more important tasks.

Improve Collaboration

When documents manually go through multiple people before being filed away, many things can happen. They can get lost, forgotten, or accidentally seen by the wrong eyes. Not to mention the process from beginning to end can be slow and time consuming. With automated workflow routing documents where they need to go, you reduce risk, and save time.

Better Security

Your documents and data are your most important assets. When you have documents with confidential information, it is important that they are well secured. Manually storing documents on your computer doesn't mean they can't get into the wrong hands. With dms3, you can have security parameters customized to your office so only those authorized to view certain documents can. It can even go further to redact sensitive information from those who don't have authorization to see certain confidential information. With this kind of guaranteed security, you get the peace of mind your office needs.

Keeps You Compliant

It can be very difficult to remain in compliance with a manual retention plan. Most documents have regulated compliance standards, which if not met can lead to serious repercussions if you get audited. With dms3, your documents can be put on retention schedules to automatically purge documents that are no longer compliant, meaning you save time from having to manually purge, and you get peace of mind knowing you and your documents meet compliance requirements.

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