If Digitizing is a Challenge, We Have the Solution!

The amount of paperwork our Law Enforcement offices are subjected to is

overwhelming. Administration of the office is daunting enough. But its' overlapping effects on the judicial process can mean release dates are delayed if certain documents cannot be found. On top of that, a major concern comes from the rising cases of cyber-security attacks on Law Enforcement.

When confronted with these challenges, our government law enforcement agencies such as Sheriff's offices and jails, use our Digitize, Automate, and Protect (DAP) program to prepare their office to meet these head-on successfully. At VistaSG, we start by bundling together a VistaSG Solutions Suite for you. That makes it easy to install, simple to use, and affordable!

1. Digitize by installing dms3. Inmate cards can be digitized and searchable with assigned index fields. Arrest videos can be stored all together in one location with related case documents. Even reporting histories can be queried, kept together, or found using OCR making search simple and fast. If that is not enough, all internal administration from equipment invoices to staff personnel files can be better managed within the same dms3 system.

2. Automate by adding the VSG Retention Module to ensure compliance with retention policies on things like Bail Bond Records, so you are only keeping what you need and purging the rest when it is allowed.

3. Protect all of it with VSG Back-Up which in the event of a Cyber Attack, Trojan Virus, or Ransomware, you can get access to your files from another location without having to pay a ransom and not miss a step!

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