dms3 is Worth the Investment!

Stuck trying to justify dms3 for your office? Let us help you get unstuck! First, you already know the reason why you need it. Second,the benefits of having it pass the common sense test. But to calculate the return on investment (ROI) is the missing link.

Good news! There is actually a real cost-benefit for using dms3! And we help you calculate it just knowing the following factors:

1. How many total in your office are handling files that are either paper, or not in a dms system like dms3?

2. How much time do each spend a day handling those paper or non-dms system files?

Studies have shown that using a system like dms3 provides both short and long-term ROI for users and offices alike. However, the ROI gets even higher when you factor in errors, misplaced documents, not to mention purchasing paper, toner, ink, file cabinets, and unexpected replacing of scanners and copiers. It adds up quickly!

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