your manual processes for good.


Fully maximize your productivity without over-extending your budget.

Our workflow automation tools can automate just about anything that you do with paper, even improve the automation of your already existing digital documents. Best of all, our solutions can integrate with your existing software, which maximizes your ROI. 

Call us or schedule a demo, and see for yourself how we make work-life easier!
If you are already using dms3, DigiDrawer, or netDMS, you can personalize your software with new and exciting add-ons. Many of our automations can even be added to your existing document management, records management, elections management, or case management solution.

Leverage the power of automation for your department


Maximize time, reduce errors, gain ROI


Conveniently electronically approve and sign documents


Get more done and faster by adding Automation to digital document processes

Retention Module

Reduce risk, by purging or retaining documents based on federal, state, or local compliance standards

Barcode Server

Better manage large document intakes using barcodes

Document Intake Workflow

Eliminate the complexity and errors from having to code multiple document types


Allow citizen engagement or self-service using web access retrieval (in whole or redacted)

and More...

Give us a call to learn about all the automations available to make your work-life easier!

Machine Learning/AI/BOTS

Let technology work for you, literally and make your work life easier.

VIB is VistaSG's newest BOT for hire. VIB wants the job and will help you:

Automate manual processes

Eliminate keystroke errors

Reduce training costs

Stay ahead of projects

Workflow Automation

Custom Workflow

If out of the box thinking requires unique automation then we can help! Call or schedule an appointment and let us show you what we can do to help you!

Why VistaSG?


Save Time

Reduce the time it takes to do otherwise manual processes by replacing them with more automated solutions


Reduce Costs

Spend the time saved on document generation on other, more valuable work


Increase Confidence

Increase confidence by reducing the chance of manual errors

Let us make your work life easier, and more secure...affordably!