your documents and data

Protect your data

Safe-guard confidential information


VistaSG understands how critical redactions are to protecting the information you safe-keep. That’s why we combined your needs with our technology capabilities to deliver IDentiHIDE/AI.

IDentiHIDE/AI goes beyond keywords and zones. It seeks print, handwriting, and regular expressions. Additionally, with each use it gets
even more effective. That means no more waiting for updates.


Protect your documents and data

Have confidence in your digital processes. With automated redaction, backup protection, and more, you can have peace-of-mind in everything you are doing to digitize, automate, and protect your most important assets: your documents and data!

VistaSG Protection Modules include:


Automatically Redact Confidential Information

Backup Services

Cloud backup services

Predictive Analytics

Early threat prediction

Network Audit

Real-Time Network Reporting

Monitoring Services

Internal Monitoring

And More...


Why VistaSG?


Save Time

Reduce the time taken to keep confidential information safe from the wrong eyes


Reduce Costs

Prevent the need to spend unnecessary amounts of money to recover lost data and files


Increase Confidence

Have confidence that your data and files are in compliance

Let us make your work life easier, and more secure...affordably!