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Document management software provides users a way to capture, organize, and retrieve files as well as revise them based on user permissions and security.
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Voter Registration Cards piling up, boxes everywhere, and running out of space to store things.


Switched to dms3 to digitize and protect voter files with automatic backups.


Time is saved, especially during elections when there is a lot of stress. 


Q&A Session with VistaSG

When you change to a new document management software like dms3, DigiDrawer, netDMS it is common to have questions. So, below are frequently asked questions with responses to help with your transition to VistaSG!

I have a small office, do I really need dms3, DigiDrawer, or netDMS?

Yes! our dms solutions are not only powerful, but easy to use and affordable. Regardless of office size, better organization means more focus on other important tasks, so you can "catch up, keep up, and stay ahead!" Altogether, the feeling of being overwhelmed disappears. 

Why is using dms3, DigiDrawer, and netDMS more than just saving documents on my computer?

Our dms software uses OCR that transforms mundane, manual processes into automated ones, which will make your work life easier, as well as saves time and often results in an ROI. 

Would I be able to recover all my files if a disaster destroyed my computer?

Yes! dms3, DigiDrawer, or netDMS with our Back-Up Protection Services can restore your files in the event of a disaster or a breach. That gives you "peace of mind..." along with getting your lost work back so you're up and running quickly.

What scanner is required to be used with dms3, DigiDrawer, and netDMS?

Any scanner, so long as it has a TWAIN driver can be used with any of our dms solutions. We typically recommend desktop scanners for users as they are more affordable, use less space, and provide incredible efficiency. Regardless of job size, big or small our solutions work with any type of imaging hardware.

The last time we got a new software it took too long to get installed. What can I expect with VistaSG installing dms3, DigiDrawer, or netDMS?

Count on being up and running in days, not months with VistaSG! Not only are we the most efficient provider in the document management industry, other companies consult us on how they can do it better.

I already have a document management software. If I want to use dms3, DigiDrawer, or netDMS instead could everything be moved over?

Yes! We can digitally and automatically import your files from your existing system. All the while, you can continue scanning. You won't miss a beat!


Let us Digitize, Automate, Protect (DAP) your most valuable assets: your documents and data!

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