Applications Ballot-By-Mail & Subpoenas...We Have You Covered!

Let VistaSG Elections Solutions manage your Applications for Ballot-By-Mail (ABBM) and related subpoenas! We make it ...

Let VistaSG Elections Solutions manage your Applications for Ballot-By-Mail (ABBM) and related subpoenas! We make it easy to save time and money. But, we also know you want to protect your staff and County reputation. So, we have you covered!
How does it work? Easy!
Simply "Batch" scan your returned BBM envelopes into our dms3.  
Using OCR, the Voter ID, Name and Tracking number will be automatically indexed and assigned to their individual folders with the help of Barcode automation.  
Simultaneously, the Voter’s Signature can even be redacted with our IDentiHIDE/Ai
Check out how we help make subpoenas easy with the process below. Schedule a call with one of our awesome team members to learn more about how to get started.  

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