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Digitizing Myths: Debunked!

We get it, word travels fast. Sometimes it's hard to know what's real and what's not. But don't worry, VistaSG knows ...

We get it, word travels fast. Sometimes it's hard to know what's real and what's not. But don't worry, VistaSG knows how to deliver document management. The myths below are just that, myths. They're "fake" news, and we are here to clear the air for you:

Myth #1: Small offices don't need Document Management Software...

False! Regardless of office size, dms3 alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed. Better organization means more focus on other important tasks. We find that smaller offices usually means fewer employees doing more work! Thus, help from a document management system becomes even more crucial to manage a large per user workload.

Myth #2: Document Management Software is too expensive...


Nope! Despite what many may believe, dms3 is very affordable and saves more money by making your office more efficient. We know your time is valuable, and the personnel hours that are wasted on mundane tasks is much more costly in money, aggravation, and often retaining new staff.

Myth #3 Setting up Document Management Software is too hard and takes too long...

Inaccurate! Our dms3 customers are up and running in days, not months! Installation, configuring your indexing, establishing the projects you want orderly, and interactive training is included in that timeline. We know you are busy, so we make sure to work with your schedule and intervene as little as possible, while setting it all up for you behind the scenes.

Myth #4 Saving documents on my computer does the same thing...

Wrong! The purpose of dms3 and document management software is more than just keeping you organized. It is about knowing where to find your documents, even if someone else needs to, now or later. With dms3, you can implement a universal indexing system by project, making it easy to find what you need. This also sets you and your office up for success when it comes time for an audit. Bonus: dms3 comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so even indexing typos can't stop you from locating your documents. Best of all, many of those simple, routine, and mundane tasks can be automated. So, more work gets done with just the "click of a button!"

Myth #5 Document Management Software is too complicated to learn and understand...

Bogus! Software in general can be intimidating. However, we do things differently. It started when dms3 was built by users like you, who also continue to provide feedback to improve it every year. Our training and ongoing customer service is extraordinary, and will leave you feeling like a dms3 pro in no time!

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