Elections Audits DONE "Click of Button"

Using VistaSG's dms3 & the VSG Elections Audit Management Tool, you can deliver on State Audit & FOIA requests ...

Using VistaSG's dms3 & the VSG Elections Audit Management Tool, you can deliver on State Audit & FOIA requests at the "Click of Button."  
It is that easy!
After reviewing legislation and working with Elections Office clients, we built the VSG Elections Audit Management Tool to get through an Audit quickly, effectively, and confidently. 
No more stress!  
Although the list of items requested for an "Audit" is extensive, in dms3 you simply select one or multiple items that are requested, then print, email or route it instantly, and seamlessly.
Free up time to focus on other important tasks!
Watch the video below to learn more, and then schedule a call with one of our awesome team members by clicking the button below!

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