From the Desk of Michael J. Hundley, CEO - Vista Solutions Group

Greetings from the VistaSG Team and Happy New Year!

Greetings from the VistaSG Team and Happy New Year!

Still, you again rose to the occasion, managed to do it effectively, and never fail to amaze those who really understand your stressors. Our continuing to learn from you firsthand will continue to result in a better way to make work life easier. I am committed to that as our mission as is the VistaSG team.
So, what is next? Well first, if you don't already have our Elections Suite in place, get it! Funding grants are available making these purchases a "no-brainer" especially considering the ROI. With this suite, your office can more immediately update voter rolls and registrations accurately. It can also purge old, outdated, or moved ones "click of button!"
Speedy processing, data integrity, and security means less worry, and the ability to focus on other important tasks while making faster decisions.
Next seems to be a result of hearing more of the "A" word: Audits! Dealing with requests, verifications, and reports are just a few more of the things we can do for you. Tell us what your mundane, or most challenging tasks are, and let us provide you with a better solution. And again, funding is available, so use them. Even if you don't need it today, you will in the near future. That is why the funding is there.
Again, on behalf of the VistaSG team, thank you for your continued commitment to what you do. And thank you for your confidence in us, by letting us help you be successful. As always, feel free to call me directly to share your stories, provide feedback, or just to say "hello" and catch up.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon at our next conference together, or as I tour the country with some of our team. Until then, stay safe, healthy, and optimistic!

Respectfully yours,

Michael J. Hundley Chief Executive Officer

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