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The New Normal: Staying on Track Virtually

Let me start by wishing you and your families a safe, healthy passage through this awful crisis. Also, a special thanks ...

Let me start by wishing you and your families a safe, healthy passage through this awful crisis. Also, a special thanks to our critical services providers, as well as those taking care of our sick and vulnerable. Risking their own well-being to make sure others are cared for is by all counts inspiring. Their stories leave me feeling humbled, grateful and optimistic.

On the VistaSG front, just know we are fully operational, but are doing so from our homes. Our staff is healthy, committed and ready to deliver the highest level of service to you. It's no different than when we were all in the office. One of our associates said it best: "The general population is already equipped to handle this, even at home where we have internet, computer, phone, printer/scanner, and software." How fundamentally true since Microsoft Office, Email, Webex, netDMS, dms3, DigiDrawer make business continuity a breeze.

The ability to function from anywhere, anytime will be more a new normal for all of us now. However, preparedness "mentally" to carry on will be society's biggest challenge, as evidenced by this crisis. Many organizations that didn't need to cease working did so anyway. They did so unnecessarily. They're starting to come back on-line, slowly realizing they kind of only changed their work location.

So, contingency planning must now include ways to be fully functional when working remotely, yet as if in the office. To not address the element of "mental preparedness" in planning will be wholeheartedly foolish. In fact, it would be negligent. It would be an act of denial that flies in the face of this Coronavirus confusion, or say "9-11." To state that is not to insult anyone's intelligence. Nor is it a scare tactic. It is simply the truth and a reality. Still, for whatever reason, it's too often more convenient to not think about it, plan for it or adopt technologies that can help life go on.

I have faith that this will soon pass. Unfortunately, we will not be void of future crisis, damages, or the drama that comes with it. But we can all learn much from it, including the evident goodness and generosity of people. The American spirit and our determination to be better than the rest is alive and well. I love it!

How can VistaSG help in these times? Simple. Every solution we provide is driven by your needs and desire to solve problems. Our mission for helping you Digitize, Automate and Protect is about making your work life better. And that can be done in the office, remotely or virtually. Paper to digital (netDMS, dms3 or DigiDrawer) is a starting point. Adding automation (File/Index Import, Sweeps, Retention, Redaction, Bots) means eliminating manual processes that unnecessarily take up your valuable time. Installing VSG's Enhanced Protection Plan then secures and protects all of that digital work from Ransomware or hacks.

Need something else not mentioned? Just call. Chances are we have it. If not, we can either create it or locate it. We are genuinely glad to help, even when it costs nothing!

Stay safe, healthy and do not hesitate to reach out to me, or any one of us during this crisis and anytime after. Thank you for your confidence and trust in us over the years!


Michael Hundley

Chief Executive Officer


Phone: 512.986.7650 x 212


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