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From the Desk of the CEO, Michael Hundley

Recently, another successful attack of the Ransomware virus took place. This time 20 counties in the great State of ...

Havoc and chaos describe a month's long remediation process. Tens-to-hundreds of thousands will be spent. Whether or not you pay the ransom, you'll need an outside IT expert firm and a lot of patience. Each day during recovery efforts there are new, mind boggling challenges. All the while, there will be more and more light shedding on how easily all of it could have been prevented.

While our mission has always been to Digitize, Automate and Protect client's documents and data, most still only use netDMS and/or dms3 with some basic workflow automations. However, clients using our Protect tools will tell you first-hand how they averted near disaster.

Still, we can do more together! Our suggested plan is a simple 2 pronged approach, in addition to updating your anti-virus:  

  • Step 1 - Install VistaSG Back-Up to make sure your work is saved. That way your images and database are constantly updating, making them quickly available "post attack."  

  • Step 2 -Install VistaSG Network Audit & Monitoring to identify systems vulnerabilities and recommend fixes to your networks. It can then alert you to other threats ongoing.  

The VistaSG Protect tools are AFFORDABLE. Please get them to be used as part of an overall plan towards prevention and for quick recovery. We are here to make your work life easier, and more secure...and again, affordably!

As always, thank you for your business and confidence in the VistaSG staff!  


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